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Street Names

Okay, let's face it, from Main Street to Wall Street we've all heard many common and funny street names in our time. I've you've driven in America or in any part of the world for that matter you'll have a WTF moment when you turn onto some strangely named road and wonder who gave it that moniker.

So, this page is an exercise in funny street names. First, I will present those that are real and physically exist somewhere (or have existed somewhere). For instance, if you've happened to have the fortune of having a street named after yourself, then the misfortune of going to prison for being a sexual sheep predator (and having the street sign torn down) then this will qualify since at one time the street name did exist.

So without further ado here are some funny street names that happen to be real:

Real Funny Street Names

  Gay Way
Stoner Avenue
Hardup Road
Jive Turkey Lane
Jackass Hill Road
Drury Lane
Farfrompoopen Road
Abbey Road
Peepee Falls Street
Liquid Loco Street
Chicken Dinner Road
Hell for Certain
Candy Cane Lane
Flood Street
Noisy Hole Road

Cannibal Road
Blue Ball Road
Bonar Road
Ha-Ha Road
Big Mama Drive
Lovers Lane
Turkey Cock Lane
Succabone Road
Error Street
Buttram Road
Tapeworm Road
Shoot Up Hill
Dick Drive
Butt Hollow Road
Old Possum Holler Lane

Ragged Ass Road
Butthole Lane
Old Possum Holler Lane
Ragged Ass Road
Butthole Lane
Boulevard Avenue
Slip Inn Lane
No-Name Street
Stair Way
Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard
Booger Branch
Sesame Street
Cockburn Street
Titman Road

Made Up Funny Street Names

This list is made of a funny spin from the most common street names according to the U. S. Census. First, see if you know the real street name in each entry, then if you come up with your own funny take send it in and you may just see it right here on this page.

  Main Squeeze Street
Not My Church Street
Are U High Street
Chestnuts Roasting Avenue
Nightmare on Elm Street
Dumb Broad Street
Maple Syrup Street
Old Walnuts Street
Underwater Street
Pine In My Pants Street
Union Confederate Avenue
Under River Road
School Crossing Street
Slow Children Avenue
No Prospects Place
Glass Ceiling Boulevard
Spring Forward Street
Fall Back Court
South Park Avenue
Dead Oak Street
Rotten Market Street
Backdoor Place
Central Air Avenue

Spruce Goose Street
State of Denial Avenue
Easy Street
Pleasant Dreams Street
Lincoln Town Car Avenue
Diarrhea Lane
Family Guy Way
No Way
Poopy Pants Place
Jack Me Crack Circle
Up My Alley
Kristi Alley
McGraw Alley
Muhammad Alley
Escalade Esplanade
Chi Chi Street
Hysteria Lane
Yellow Dick Road
Peter Parker Parkway
No Friggin Way
Law Court
Lois Lane

Nathan Lane
Less Traveled Road
Beaten Path
Fornication Freeway
Banger Alley
Bump Uglies Pass
Bearded Clam Passage
Cream Highway
Dip Wick Drive
Toad Road
Funky Chicken Pass
Hanky Panky Thoroughfare
Hide The Sausage Bridle-Path
Nookie Court
Pickle Tickle Parkway
Pop The Cork Alley
Colonoscopy Circle
Shag Boulevard
Winkie Dink Street
Wonder Waffle Way
Stroke Me Hill
Hooters Highway

Okay, these are but a few examples of funny street names. Make up your own. Brainstorm and send in a few. Tell your Facebook and Twitter friends. And if you're bored on a Saturday night then perhaps doing a little graffiti to a street sign is just up your alley.

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