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Famous Names

Everyone wants their name to last in the history books for a very long time. However, getting into the history books, let alone making a mark in it is something very difficult and requires considerable amount of effort to do so.

If you look at the history, everyone who is in there has had the opportunity to do something amazing and selfless, and even if it was something with selfish motives, it eventually led to helping many people, either mentally or physically. Therefore, if your plan is to get your name into the history books by one way or the other, then it is best that you start working on your skills and try to help other people who are around you.

Meanwhile, here is a list of famous people from different lines of work and lifestyles that have made a mark in their own field and earned a place in the history books.

Famous Writers:

  • A.P. Herbert - Herbert was famous as a play writer, Member of Parliament, law reform activist, humorist, and a Writer. He was a well-known member of the parliament for 15 years.
  • Alan Watts - Alan Watts or Alan Wilson Watts was a British national, who was at that time, a writer, philosopher, and a speaker who was the main reason behind the popularity of Eastern philosophy in the western audience. Watts was also the person who actually translated / interpreted the Eastern philosophy.

Famous Photographers:

  • Ansel Adams - Ansel Adams is one of the most popular photographers ever known. The reason behind his popularity was that he was an artist with a camera who also happened to be a conservationist. His most famous photos included the Southwestern US, Yosemite, and portraits.
  • Diane Arbus - Diane was a gifted photographer whose portraits looked beyond superficial. Different magazines published her work from time to time. Her portraits gave feeling of a troubled soul and hence some people assume that she might have been suffering from split personality disorder.

Famous Public Figures:

  • Princess Diana - Although, there were many conspiracies revolving her, but no one can say for sure how or why she died. However, one thing is for sure that she was and is the most beloved princess of all times who cared not only for her people, but for the people of all over the world.
  • Bill Gates - Aside from once being the richest man of the world, when bill gates retired from the position of CEO of Microsoft, he and his wife started a charity organization that had more funds than most of the well-known charity organizations in the world combined.

All of the above-mentioned famous people are from our history and they all have done something great for earning their place in the history books. More importantly, these people adopted the out of the box thinking in order to achieve greatness in life. So, one can say that famous people might have ordinary names, but it is their efforts that makes their names famous.

List of Funny Famous Names

  Alf A. Romeo
April Schauer
Art Major
Barbara Seville
Bill Board
Bill Ding
Bonnie Ann Clyde
Brooke Trout
Bud Light
Candy Barr
Chip Munk
Chris Cross
Chuck Waggon
Chuck U. Farley
D. Liver
Dan Druff
Dilbert Pickles
Donny Brook
Emma Royds
Ferris Wheeler
Gene Poole
Harry Caray
Harry Rump
Hugh Jass
Iona Ford
Kelly Green
Kerry Oki
Les Payne
Luke Warm
M. Balmer
Marsha Mellow
Missy Sippy
Nick O. Time
Pepe Roni
Polly Ester
Ray Gunn
Rip Torn
Rowan Boatman
Russell Sprout
Sue Yu
Tad Moore
Tom Morrow
Walter Melon
Woody Forrest
Zack Attack

So, there you have it, a list of famous name plus famous funny names. Forward this list to all of your friends and family and in particular those with funny names themselves.

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