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Meaning of Names - M

If you have come to this looking for the meaning of names that start with "M" then you have both come to exactly the right place and the wrong place at the same time. Let me explain. From our perspective, you are where you are supposed to be. Good for you!

From your perspective, however, the meaning of names that begin with "M" may not be what you are looking for at all. If you've come to this page looking for factual and authentic information about the meaning of names that begin with "M", then you will be sadly disappointed here. However, if you happen to be a rather silly and frivolous type with a good sense of humor and an intact funny bone, then this is, my friend, the place for you. Read on, McDuff and see what treasures your names hold upon this page.

Meaning of Names That Begin with "M"

Maas - no more

Mabel - large telephone company before the breakup.

Macarena - dance you silly girl.

Macey - New York parade.

Mack - Gaelic name for "truck".

MacKenzie - one who drinks another person's beer.

Maddox - insane doctors

Madge - combination of mad fudge.

Madonna - The Virgin Larry

Maggie - blackbirds that are baked in a pie.

Mahatma - hungry one

Major - minor

Malcolm - one who is in the middle.

Mallory - walks, talks and quacks like a duck.

Malone - home

Mandy - you came and you gave without taking.

Manfred - man

Manley - bravado drenched in testosterone.

Manny - Jack Handy

Manuel - not automatic.

Marcia - Marcia, Marcia

Marco - Polo

Margaret - Tropical drink with umbrella.

Marge - sarge.

Margot - one who eats escargot.

Maria - I once met a girl named.

Mariah - pop diva with mental health issues.

Marilyn - blonde bombshell falling for wrong guys.

Mario - Speedwagon.

Mark - scuff on the kitchen floor.

Marley - one who smokes the wacky weed in the Caribbean.

Marlon - large game fish.

Marshall - Marshall, Marshall

Martha - one who puts the wooden teeth back in her husband's mouth.

Martin - Rowan

Mary - Popular name meaning "Wed me, please".

Marylou - I'm going to marry lou.

Matilda - to watz

Matthew - Greek word for "one who puts a matt on a pew".

Maurice - some call me the Space Cowboy, some call me the Gangster of Love.

Maverick - cowboy not of the Brokeback Mountain variety.

Max - short for maximum.

May - April

Maya - Sanskrit word for Aztec.

Maybelline - why don't you be true?

Maynerd - magnificent nerd.

Meg - short form of megamillions.

Megan - licker of sweaty butt cracks.

Mel - short for Melbourne.

Melanie - I've got a brand new pair of roller skates.

Melody - harmony

Melville - whale chaser

Melvin - one who fondles the pelvis.

Mercedes - sleek, shiny and overpriced.

Mercury - one who rises when it's hot.

Mercy - stops playing with up by 10 runs.

Meredith - a person of merit, half the time.

Merlin - magician, sorcerer and carpet layer.

Mervyn - bargain textile seller.

Micah - flakey rock.

Michael - rowed the boat ashore.

Michelle - feminine form of Bob.

Mick - big lips

Mickey - big ears

Midas - gold digger.

Mignon - person who fillets himself.

Mike - amplified voice.

Mildred - dread of being around Mil.

Milford - what one uses to drive to the mill.

Millie - Vanillie.

Milton - ton of Mil.

Mindy - Mork is looking for you.

Minnie - Ha Ha.

Missy - not there or lost.

Mitchell - one who licks between other people's toes.

Moe - stooge with an attitude.

Mona - Lisa

Monet - cash, stock and bonds or liquid property.

Monica - one who gives lip service to the President.

Montgomery - powerful mountain in Gaelic.

Monty - it's just a flesh wound.

Morgan - Fairchild, yeah, that's the ticket.

Morpheus - short for Keanu.

Morris - fat cat.

Morten - salt of the earth.

Moses - those with adequate noses.

Mu - cow.

Muhammad - great boxer who never shuts up.

Murphy - "Brown" or "Bed" in Gaelic.

Myles - variation of Miles, meaning "kilometers".

Myrtle - third derivation from Portuguese to Pig Latin, meaning "turtle".


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