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Meaning of Names - L

In order for one to come to terms with the meaning of names that start with "L" one must first have their humorous bone attached firmly into place. One doesn't have to be Leno or Letterman to appreciate the meaning of names that begins with "L".

In fact, the letter "L" stands for laughing out loud or LOL. Now, if you have come to this page looking for a serious discussion of the meaning of names that begin with "L" then you may as just run away now. There is no factual information contained upon this page. What we offer are funny interpretations of the meanings of names in this category. If your own name happens to be in this category, you may not find our interpretation funny at all and may even take offense. Well, too freakin' bad. Read on.

Meaning of Names That Begin with "L"

Lacey - frilly girly-man.

Laird - Lion's den.

Lake - pond

Lala - Spanish for "I'm not listening".

Lambert - perfect name for a young sheep.

Lamont - mountain of lamb.

Lance - to pop a boil.

Lancelot - one who likes to sing and dance a lot.

Landon - Large city in England.

Lane - where one rides the ox and wagon.

Lanford - the land of Chevys.

Langdon - done with Lang.

Larry - short form of laryngitis.

Lars - fourth rock from the sun.

Lasse - dog who saves master.

Latanya - contraction of laughing Tanya.

Lateefah - Queen for a day.

Latoya - Jackson toy

Laura - Irish alcoholic beverage.

Laurel - hardy name meaning "hardy name".

Lavender - the color purple.

Laverne - one who has smoker's cough.

Lawrence - Arabic name meaning "one who kisses the camel".

Lawson - son of the legal system.

Layla - derived from "got me on my knees" in Porkystan.

Layton - Toe jelly eater

Lazarus - sleeping like a dead man.

Lea - means breaking levy in Nola-speak.

Leander - synonymous with "chastity belt"

Lee - loser of the war.

Lennon - more popular than the your god.

Lennox - Annie get your gun.

Lenny - bruce

Lenora - one who climbs the highest tower, trips and falls off.

Leo - lion who's not lying.

Leon - means "two left feet" in Polish.

Leonard - writer of the Da Vince Code.

Leopold - lion pole dancer.

Leroy - black panther who licks himself obsessively.

Leslie - one who plays for the other team - wink, wink, nod, nod.

Lester - one who accosts little children.

Levon - Armenian for "Leave on that train".

Lewis - Carroll

Liam - Gaelic for "Leave 'em".

Liberty - large lady carrying torch in French.

Lila - like a dog

Lilith - Assyrian for "lie you lily-livered liver spot".

Lilo - means "lie low" in Stitchville.

Linda - wicked witch of the south.

Lindon - city in England.

Lindsay - contraction for Lindon say what?

Linnie - Bruce

Linwood - the wood of Lindon.

Lisa - Mona

Liselot - feminine form of Lancelot.

Lizzie - head is spinning.

Lola - showgirl.

Lolita - jail time.

Lonnie - pet name for city in England.

Lorraine - rain in the lowlands.

Loren - toe in electrical socket.

Louie - Arm strong.

Louis - king of the beheaded.

Louise - feminine form of Dave.

Lovell - contract from "I love that shovel".

Lowell - a well that is dug very low.

Luana - my iguana.

Lucas - movie maker

Lucille - you picked a fine time to leave me.

Lucky - one not afraid of black cats, broken mirrors and ladders.

Lucy - in the sky with diamonds.

Ludwig - a wig for Lud.

Luigi - one who cooks the spaghetti.

Luke - I am your father.

Luna - Moon Zappa.

Lyle - person who bites small, woodland creatures.

Lyndon - warmonger.

Lynn - Laker fan in Angeles.


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