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Meaning of Names - R

The meaning of names in the "R" category can be thought of a righteous, rigorous and downright ridiculous. Being that this is a humor site first and foremost that shouldn't be very surprising. In fact, if there is an accurate and unbiased meaning of a name associated with "R" please send it in so that we may shoot it on the spot.

You see, our job is the suck the factual content right out of the passages on this page. That way, there is an least an infinitesimal chance that we can give a humorous meaning to these names instead of the real meaning.

Now, we realize that some people actually prefer the real meanings of names and as such, like an Easter Egg Hunt, we have scatter a few, authentic meanings of names throughout this site, just to throw you off. We will not tell you where it is or what it is, but rest assured that they are here.

Of course, if you find it, you are obliged to uncover the rascal and notify us immediately so that we can have it removed forthwith and replaced by another hidden egg.


Meaning of Names That Begin with "R"

Ra - shish koom ba

Rab - to steal from another

Rachel - means a sheep wearing lipstick in Hebrew.

Radcliff - a radical cliff, dude

Rafe - to chafe

Raghu - spaghetti hair

Rainer - crybaby

Raj - Mahal

Raleigh - means "fingers" in Sanskrit.

Ralph - one who constantly vomits.

Ram - a lamb a ding dong.

Ramon - Everybody Loves

Ramses - birth control

Randolf - a guy name Rand who likes to golf.

Randy - you're a fine wine, what a good wife you would make.

Raphael - from the Brazilian "to paint outside the lines"

Raquel - babalicious

Raul - one who licks the dog's runny nose

Ray - sunshine

Raymond - a mound of ray

Reba - short for Arriba! Ye Ha!

Rebecca - one who is beckoning

Red - southern man

Reece - combined chocolate and peanut butter.

Reed - one who bends with the wind.

Regan - forgetful

Reggie - Mr. October

Reginald - Mr. November

Regis - one who talks a lot.

Renee - biter of donkey's tail

Rex - large extinct one

Reyes - and shine

Rhett - gone with the wind.

Rhiannon - rings like a bell in the night.

Rhonda - help me

Ria - pet

Ricardo - of the Richard

Rich - intense taste

Richard - see Dick

Ricky - you're so fine you blow my mind.

Rigby - good on the balance beam

Rio - big party

Ripley - means "Sweaty hippo" believe it or not.

Rob - steal

Robert - one who steals in formal situations.

Roberta - one who gives others flack.

Robyn - she with a red breast

Rocco - man of stone

Rocky - flying high now

Roddy - one who swings his rod

Roderick - combination of Roddy and Rick

Rodney - one who gets no respect

Roger - I hear what you are saying

Roland - small indigestion tablet

Rollo - chocolate candy

Romaine - lettuce head

Romeo - see Juliet

Romulus - having a lust for Rome

Ron - Doo Ron Ron

Ronald - McDonald

Rory - one who growls at the tops of their lungs

Rosa - a rose by any other name

Rosemary - means parsey, sage and thyme in Garfunklese.

Rosetta - pretends she is a stone

Rosie - see The Donald

Ross - one who dresses for less.

Roxana - from the Peruvian word for "rock"

Roy - red boy

Ruben - person who likes a good sandwich

Rudy - Tuesday is the best day

Rufus - what's on top of the house?

Rupert - ultimate survivor

Russell - sound the trees make

Rusty - like a nail

Ruth - one who builds a house that lasts forever

Ryan - fire in the arm

Ryley - one who smells a goat for fun

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