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Meaning of Names - B

The "B" names may be boisterous, brash, bold or brazen. They are anything but, boring. The meaning of names in the "B" category are meant to embolden parents in choosing an appropriate baby moniker for their baby-to-be and to inform adults as to what exactly their title tag means.

Remember, that this is a humor site, so the meaning of names in this section are supposed to be funny or at the very least, fun.

Though some may not find the humor in the meaning of names we have listed in the "B" section, they give us a chuckle and we would like to share this bit of nonsense with you as well. So, take heart, and harken yourself to the enlightenment that can be found here. Or not.

Meaning of Names That Begin with "B"

Babar - one who has elephantitis.

Bailey - means "one who slacks and avoids work at all costs".

Baldo - one who will never have hair.

Baldwin - from the Croatian word "Shiny top".

Bambi - derived from the Spanish variation of "deer in the headlights".

Baptiste - southern name corresponding to "Hallelujah!"

Barak - defined as "political racehorse with a liberal jockey".

Barack - the sound a pirate's parrot makes

Barbara - from the Greek, "diva singer who hasn't made a movie in years".

Barbie - Australian word meaning, "Throw a shrimp on, will you doll?"

Barclay - from the Basketballian subculture defined as "Sir Charles".

Barnabas - variant of the Pig Latin version of barnacle.

Barnaby - means "investigator" in Ethiopian.

Barney - See Betty

Barry - from the Egyptian word meaning "to dig".

Bart - Simpson

Bartholomew - means "son of a gun" in Texan.

Basil - closely related to Spice Girls lingo, and a variant of Tasmanian, meaning "Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme".

Baxter - means "upchuck" in the groundhog vernacular.

Bea - implication of derivation from the African vernacular for "honey insect".

Beatch - from the Old English "queen insect who asserts herself too much".

Beatrice - smart aleck wench in Irish.

Beau - Cherokee word for "straight arrow".

Beaumont - means a "mountain full of bows" in Arapaho.

Beauregard - third derivation meaning "having regard for bows" in Bolivian.

Beavis - means "Butthead" in orangutan.

Becky - short form of Becky Sue.

Beelzebub - means "Devil may care flying fool" in Cartoonville.

Belinda - means "one who wants to be Linda".

Ben - short for Benihana.

Benedict - from the ancient Roman breakfast food or "Pope Tart".

Benjamin - derived from the ancient Mesopotamian word for "Franklin stove".

Benji - dog

Benson - variation, derivation and sublimation of "butler".

Bentley - car that is too expensive for you.

Bernadette - recovered from the Peters morgue and assigned a little known nuance of "pithiness".

Bernard - means "saintly one who like to drink".

Bertha - old Hungarian word meaning "One of the Butt sisters".

Bethany - defined as "house of vomit" in Hebrew.

Betsy - one who mends flags.

Betty - see Barney

Bill - from the Middle English "You have to pay".

Bishop - defined as "one who is but a pawn in the game of life".

Bjorn - one who is to be wild.

Blair - from the Gaelic "Playing music too loudly".

Bob - "Good swimmer" in Russian.

Bonnie - one who lies over the ocean.

Boris - from the Ukrainian word meaning "Badenov".

Bradley - taken from the Portuguese word for "toilet cleanser".

Brandy - fine whine, what a good wife she would be.

Brian - dyslexic for brain.

Bridgette - derive from "Over troubled waters" in Garfunklonian.

Brittany - means "one who shaves head and goes into rehab".

Brock - parrot clearing his throat.

Brook - babbler

Brutus - synonymous with Judas, means "Back stabber" in 37 different languages.

Buck - defined as "passing oneself off".

Burt - from the Pig Latin derivation meaning "Ernie".

Byron - Lord of the Belly Button.

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