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Meaning of Names - P

Some say that the meaning of names that begin with "P" are pedantic, pithy and pejorative. Others say that these same meanings of names are preposterous, patronizing and pathetic. Everyone may be right.

The meaning of names listed on this page have nothing to do with reality, really. We have made up these meanings to suit our rather warped fancy. Most of the meanings are simply a word association game, where we see a name and write down the first thing that comes to our minds. It doesn't have to be funny. In fact, if you've read other entries, you'll realize that though we may on occasion attempt to be humorous, we seldom succeed.

Be that as it may, you may find some of the word association results from this little game that we have been playing a bit interesting. Or not.

There are no money back guarantees here. How much money have you spent so far? Right. So, go on and check out this free sight a please feel a bit guilty just for being here you silly sponge.


Meaning of Names That Begin with "P"

Pablo - one who likes to blow.

Pace - one who likes to keep up with racecars.

Pacifica - an ocean of emotion.

Paco - Bell

Paddy - knick knack, give your dog a bone.

Page - one who likes to turn over a new leaf.

Pal - short form of "I've got you right here, Pal".

Palmer - one caught red-handed.

Pamela - future playboy model.

Pan - means "from the frying pan into the fire".

Pancho - raincoat

Pancras - one who protects his liver and spleen.

Panda - silly bear

Pandora - one who likes to box.

Panini - breaker of bread

Pansy - effeminate heterosexual

Panther - big black cat in the 1960s.

Papa - got a squeezebox

Papillion - A pavilion for Pappy.

Paquito - muey small.

Paris - Hilton

Parker - one who likes to put away cars.

Parry - solver of crimes.

Parvati - singer of operas

Parvin - Marvin with a "P".

Pascal - Pig Latin for "programming language".

Pastor - keep away from small pets and children.

Patience - the virtuous one.

Patricia - St. Patrick's wife

Patrick - Irish hockey player "Pat" has a "trick" which is called the 'hat trick'.

Patsy - one who is set up to be caught for crimes others commit

Patton - general nuisance during war.

Patty - small beef hamburger

Paul - one who bears the casket during funerals.

Pax - man

Paxton - ton of Pax

Peace - be with you

Pearce - one who punches holes in his or her body.

Pearl - wisdom

Pedro - vote for me.

Peg - girl who is missing leg.

Pegasus - winged horse with no name

Peggy - Sue

Pele - soccer stud

Penelope - one who plays the calliope

Penny - shiny, round and copper-colored.

Pepe - stinky skunk.

Percival - Percy hiding in a vault

Percy - though to mean "mercy" in old French.

Peregrine - one who flies with the falcons.

Pero - dog boy

Perry - solving crimes from a wheelchair.

Perseus - father of a flyboy.

Peta - animal rights advocate

Pete - repeat?

Peter - Piper Parker pumpkin-eater with spidey sense.

Phil - McCracken

Philadelphia - one who engages in brotherly love.

Philander - one who lands Phil

Philbert - combination of Phil and Dogbert.

Philip - fill up.

Phoebe - fi fo fum

Phoenix - one who is on the rise

Pia - to urinate

Pierce - one who wears body jewelry

Pilar - large stone column

Ping - antonym of Pong

Pip - searching for Gladys Knight

Piper - snake charmer

Pippin - don't get into the hobbit.

Placido - sings like royalty

Pleasance - obnoxious

Pluto - the planet has gone to the dogs

Pocahontas - Algonquin word for "driver of hydrogen cars"

Polly - wanna cracker

Pollyanna - purebred

Poppy - high on life

Porsche - fast woman

Porter - one who carries the luggage

Portia - fast woman

Poseidon - a person who like adventures.

Presley - mover of hips

Preston - one who presses their underwear

Price - is right

Primo - top shelf

Prince - formerly known as frog

Princess - feminine version of frog

Priscilla - one who marries a king.

Prometheus - malice aforethought.

Proteus - one who drinks protein.

Prudence - cautious to the point of paralysis.

Pythagoras - one of many theories

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