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Meaning of Names - S

As one discusses the meaning of names that begin with "S", one must also consider some supercilious facts and truths. The fact is, that there is no truth on this page regarding the meaning of names that start with "S".

Not only are there no facts or truth, there are, however, plenty of downright lies. Of course, we also serve up a few ample helpings of half-truth, half-baked conjecture and half-assed logic. In fact, this page basically gives one about half the information of most other web pages about this same subject.

Now, the meaning of names that begin with "S" is one of the longest sections on this site, since "S" seems to be a super popular letter with parents when naming their babies.

Stupid is not generally one of the words that comes up when parents are pouring over the possibilities of what to name their child as this word generally pops up much later in the development cycle. So, go ahead dear reader and check out all of the other "S" words and the meanings behind them so that you may make an intelligent decision on what to name your baby. Or not.


Meaning of Names That Begin with "S"

Sabeen - a bean counter

Sable - mink coat

Sabrina - teenage We-atch

Sade - means "the sweetest taboo" in Finnish

Sage - parsley, rosemary and thyme.

Saki - drunken Japanese masseuse

Salamon - fish

Sally - one who sells sea shells by the sea shore

Salome - synonymous with bologna

Salomon - fish

Salud - one who says "cheers" before taking a drink

Salut - gesture by a soldier.

Salvador - a person who likes to play with his dali.

Sam - I am

Samanthe - feminine version of samurai.

Sampson - means "need haircut and a job" in Hebrew.

Samuel - a mule named "Sam".

Sancho - marriage between Carlos Santana and Margaret Cho.

Sandeep - literally means "you can dig all you want but that sand is deep".

Sander - one who sands Adam.

Sandford - one who sands an American car.

Sandy - Beaches

Sans - no, none, nada, without

Santa - jolly fat man with claws.

Santiago - ingredient in Chili.

Santos - what you get when you put your bare feet in sand.

Sapphire - ruby slippers

Sara - smile

Sarah - smile, huh?

Saul - means literally "salute to Paul".

Savannah - tall grass

Sawyer - one who saws a lawyer in half

Scarlet - woman wearing red letter

Scott - Irish word for drunken golfer

Scotty - engineer who can't give his captain anymore power.

Sean - one who uses the Penn

Sebastian - cabbage

Selena - from the Latino word for "musical goddess"

Serena - Old English word for "hard and in"

Serge - what the storm does during a hurricane

Seth - one who licks a cat's fur

Shakira - feminine form of "hip wiggler".

Shalom - howdy, neighbor.

Shamus - on you

Shane - means "shame on Jane".

Shaquille - large man under basket

Sharif - I did not shoot the deputy.

Sharon - one who plays with stones

Sharona - my

Shawn - of creation

Shay - you love me

Sheila - one who puts lipstick on a sheep

Shelby - car enthusiast

Sheldon - one who goes to the beach to collect shells

Shelley - one who gets collected at the beach

Sherlock - a person interested in clues

Sherman - tanks for the memories

Sherry - one who wines

Sheryl - old crow

Shin - one who gets kicked

Shirley - you jest

Sho - nuf

Sybil - head of many faces

Sid - pet name for Squid

Sidney - the knee of Sid

Siegfried - someone looking for Roy

Sierra - Spanish for "mist"

Sigmund - analysis by paralysis

Silva - learning center

Silvana - silver television set

Silver - Hi Ho

Simba - goldfish in Eurasian.

Simon - says

Sinclair - extinct oil company

Sinead - bald

Sirius - antonym for lighthearted constellation

Sisko - Ebert

Sissy - space cadet

Skylar - astronaut

Slade - one who kills a dragon

Socrates - one who takes an oath

Sofie - girl with a choice

Solomon - Hey, Mr. Solomon, solly me banana.

Sommer - warm days

Sonny - in need of sun sauce

Sonya - music company

Sophie - girl without a choice

Sophocles - spanker of sheep

Spencer - super fencer

Spike - one who tends to get nailed

Spiro - one who tends to get nailed

Stacey - do not go

Stafford - one who has a big staff and a Ford

Stan - don't sit

Stanford - drive without sitting

Stanley - in Russian, "one who gets steamed".

Stein - one who drinks beer

Sterling - Maxwell Silverhead

Steven - of the Steve

Stew - one who cooks carrots, potatoes and meat in a soup

Stewart - small soup

Stuart - small soup with Tabasco sauce

Sue - one who litigates

Susanna - don't you cry for me

Susie - Q

Sven - almost seven

Sweeney - combination "swine" and "weenie".

Sybil - one who spins her own head

Sydney - short form of Squidney

Sylvester - stump land

Sylvia - silver body piercing

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