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Creative and Funny Names for Teams

Creative names for teams are hard to come by. The big list of creative and funny team names have all been done before now haven't they? From the Santa Cruz Banana Slugs to the Kick Me soccer team to the Grab Your Balls bowling team all the creative names for teams have all been taken. Or have they?

Some of the ways to come up with funny and creative names for teams involve twists on old names, using animals, sexual innuendo, self-deprecation, fierce adjectives and lame adjectives. A few twists on old names may be from Tigers to Tiggers, Bears to Bares or Leopards to Leotards.

Using animals in the name are some of the favorites for many different sports teams. Creative names for teams using animals may include the Wandering Wolverines, Smelly Ally Cats, Freaking Falcons, or Limp Locusts.

Sexual innuendo has been a favorite for 18 and above soccer and softball teams. Names such as Smack That, Scoregasm, Where's My Pitches At, and Always on Top are a few starters for you.

Self-deprecation names also serve as some of the more funny names for teams such as the Kick Me's already mentioned plus, Doo Doo Heads, Old Farts, Dumb Chums, and Patsies. Fierce adjectives can be found primarily in college and professional sports.

But funny variations can also be found. Creative team names such as the Fierce Frolickers, Fighting Ninnies and Killing Me Softly add a humorous variation. Then one can go the other direction with lame adjectives to describe their teams.

Creative names such as Limp Biscuits, Fay Rays, Inadequate Spuds, and Stuttering Stumblebums will give you at least an idea a funny moniker for your team.

In order to help in brainstorming a more fully a creative name for your team, I've put together a list of Good Team Names versus Bad Team Names. The Good Team Names are funny and the Bad Team Names are traditional.

You can make a judgment call on which way you would like to go with this.

List of Creative and Funny Team Names


Bad Team Names

Fighting Irish
Terrible Tigers
Bruising Buccaneers
Awesome Avengers
Badass Badgers
Biting Barracudas
Blistering Blazers
Bulldog Bombers
Crazy Cannonballs
Demonic Destroyers
Devastating Dobermans
Dynamite Dragons
Explosive Eliminators
Feisty Falcons
Gravely Gravediggers
Hurricane Hawks
Inferno Inflictions
Laser Leopards
Magic Mustangs
Pulverizing Predators
Radioactive Raptors
Shocking Scorpions
Spitfire Sharks
Stealth Stingrays
Terrifying Tarantulas
Wicked Warriors

Good Team Names

Alabaster Alligators
Icky Anacondas
Farting Anteaters
Limp Wrist Avengers
Awesome Tofu Eaters
Silly Barracudas
Foot Blasters
Pink Boas
Belly Bombers
Anemic Bruisers
Burgundy Bullets
Hanging Cannonballs
iPod Chargers
Tax Cheetahs
Sneezing Cobras
Johnny Cougars
Crocodile Dundees
Orange Crushers
Dead Daredevils
Inward Demons
Deviled Eggs
Sissy Dragons
Squabbling Divas
Hemorrhoid Explosion
Extreme Personal Itch
Jet Engine Firebirds
Galaxy Space Cadets
Talking Geckos
Limping Gravediggers
Pissy Hurricanes
Illusion of Greatness
Heartburn Inferno
Jabbering Jaquars
Lilly Livered Leopards
Monsoon Buffoons
Mustang Sallies
Sleep Apneas
Predatory Lendors
Radioactive Nipples
Rattle Pants
Drunken Scorpions
Loan Sharks
Midget Slayers
Snakes on a Plane
Sucking Sparks
Used to Be Stallions
Subliminal Stingrays
Supersonic Tortoises
Teriyaki Tarantulas
Premature Torpedoes
Timid Typhoons
Sassy Unicorns
Diarrhea Volcanoes
Whimpering Wizards
The Doves of Justice
Touchy Ball Handlers

This one was sent in by one of the readers of this website Kyle W., Our softball team name for the past few years has been Off Constantly. That way when we get beat (which is every time) the other team gets to walk around saying, 'we beat off constantly'.

Of course there are many more creative names for teams swirling about the world at large. If you know of a creative team name then send it in. Who knows, you may just end up seeing on a jersey in a town near you.

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