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Meaning of Names - A

When one examines the meaning of "A" names, one is to note that this page has nothing to do with aardvarks. It would be wonderful if this page did have something to do with aardvarks since that is a funny name at the beginning of the alphabet, but I digress. In regard to the meaning of names that begin with "A" it is important to denote the funny and humorous intent behind the names.

Meanings may vary from one culture to the next, so take what is written here with a grain of salt. Or assault and battery if you will.

Remember, the meaning of names listed on this page, should not be used in a court of law as they will be deemed irrelevant and silly. Though most of the meanings of names listed here will not rise to the definition of libel, a few will. So, use caution when repeating what you've read on this page.

Meaning of Names That Begin with "A"

Aaron - means "Hank or Hankie" in Baseballian.

Abba - meaning derived from a Scandinavian cookie box, popular in the U. S. market, defined as "boring yet delicious".

Abbagail - means boring yet delicious cookies that give the father indigestion.

Abbey - short for "church" or "steeple" and you open it up and see all the people.

Abdulla - means "oblongata" or large brain tissue forced inside a tiny head.

Abe - small, short furry creature that was most likely our ancestor.

Abel - means one with many disabilities such as a hook instead of a hand.

Abilene - short for Texas tornado or small woman with lots of energy.

Abraham - a special kind of pork presented to our founding fathers on President's Day.

Abram - old name meaning "Old Name".

Ace - from the Latin meaning "Ventura".

Achilles - defined as a "tendency towards tendons" or "someone who's a real heel".

Adam - meaning "first" or "ribless man looking for a soft-round thief".

Addison - the opposite of Subtractisson.

Adolph - comes from the Germanic "Heil" or "little mustache".

Adonis - one with the perfect body who is probably gay.

Adrian - means butt lick in swahili.

Aesop - fabled name presumed to mean "one who makes things up".

Agape - meaning "love the one you're with".

Agatha - defined as "Christie" or "auction house".

Agnes - old name meaning "Name that is old".

Aileen - means "one leg is shorter than the other".

Akon - from the Latin, Ack and the Ethiopian Rap Singer, the meaning is to be jailed for grand theft auto and then come out with a platinum album.

Al - short for Algonquin or Albatros.

Alan - comes from the Irish Alanon.

Alanis - means "city under the sea".

Alastair - defined as a stair that is ala carte.

Albert - means "fat" in both French and Swahili.

Alberta - means "fat Canadian" in both French and Swahili.

Alex - short for Alexus brand of automobile.

Alexandra - means "country of the broken stumps".

Alf - small, furry alien from the Greek word, "Alfalfalicious"

Alfonzo - derived from "Happy Days" and "Fonzarelli".

Alfred - defined as a "Alf who is red".

Alfie - fie fo fum, I smell the blood of an alien.

Ali - means "greatest boxer of all time" in 2,500 different languages.

Alice - means "without malice" or "Wonderland" or "Wonderbra" depending upon the region of Brazil in which one is speaking.

Alicia - is defined as having the keys to the city.

Allison - derived from son of Ali, the greatest boxer of all time.

Amadeus - means composer who has decomposed.

Ambrosia - is a derivative of "sweet smell of sweat".

Amy - means to put one in one's site on a rifle.

Andre - defined as giant mountain range.

Andreas - from the Roman, "fault in California".

Angela - an antonym to Devila.

Angie - I

Angus - beef

Anne - means "Queen for a day" or at least 57 minutes.

Annie - orphaned form derived from the Persian superlative "Ack!"

Antoinette - means "Marie" in Canadian.

Apollo - from the Harlem word for "showtime" or the NASA word for "Space Cowboy".

April - derived from the French phrase "you're dirty, so take a shower".

Archie - from the military phrase for "bunker".

Aretha - means "powerful vocalist" in Pig Latin.

Ariel - means "mermaid" in Disney-speak.

Aries - derived from the phrase "ram their backsides" in Greek.

Arista - from "ear of a cat" in Latin.

Arnold - means "pig" in Pig Latin or just "Latin" in Latin.

Arshole - posterior region of the body.

Art - defined as "deco" in Warhol-speak.

Arthur - understood as "king of the drunken movies".

Ashley - dust to dust

Athena - goddess of gruel and unusual punishment.

Atlas - means "Where are we?" in Portuguese.

Attila - was the next in line for a thrilla in Manilla with a gorilla named Magilla, but is defined as "one who has succumbed to salmonella".

Austin - defined as "the power of Texas".

Autumn - comes from the Norwegian word for "dead leaves".

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