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Meaning of Names - C

In the Meaning of Names "C" category, one must note the audacious accuracy in which we blend both factual and non-factual information. In fact, if one were to find in facts in the meaning of names for "C", this should be reported immediately as we will take steps to ban this information permanently.

Remember, meanings of names are not to be toyed with, so in the "C" section (not to be confused with birthing), we have taken great strides in being toy-less. That said, there are a few surprises in the names and meanings we have chosen to present, such as a few prime puns and a sack full of snickers.

If you have a name that you don't see a meaning for in this list, send it an and we will promptly apply and incorrect yet fun definition to it.

Meaning of Names That Begin with "C"

Cadence - Army term meaning "I don't know but I been told. I don't know but I been told. Big leg woman ain't got no soul. Big leg woman ain't got no soul. Sound off. Left, right, left, right, left, right - Okay!"

Caesar - from the Roman word for salad dressing.

Cain - Balinese word for "bamboo discipline rod" or "stand up if you're able".

Callahan - means "Dirty Harry" in Northern Norwegian.

Camelia - defined as "one who changes her color" in botanist.

Campbell - soup

Candice - derived from "sweet and sugary" in Farsi.

Carl - means "sour toe fungus" in Portuguese.

Carlton - ton of Carl.

Carol - one who sings Christmas hymns.

Carter - means "Jimmy the lock, so we can break in".

Carson - "Johnny come lately".

Carver - means "slice that turkey up" in Pocahontas-speak.

Casey - defined as "get up to bat you Little League Loser".

Caspar - from the French "white as a ghost".

Cass - from the Rockbandian word, meaning "to choke on one's vomit".

Cassandra - crossing of two common words meaning "dyslexic gecko".

Cassidy - means "King David" in teenybopperhood.

Catherine - means "Queen of the toadstools" in Lilliputian.

Cecelia - defined as "breaking my heart and shaking my confidence daily".

Celeste - from the celestial word meaning "poopy underpants".

Celine - third derivation of a second sublingual inflection meaning "Aargh!"

Chad - defined as "one who is both hanging and dimpled".

Chandler - known as "friend" to the TV sitcom.

Charity - derived from the pagan word for "broke".

Charles - from the groundhog word for "what up, Chuck?"

Charlotte - means "Oh, what a tangled web we weave" in farm lingo.

Charlton - defined as "NRA nut" in Bohemian.

Chase - in Nigerian, means "Tiger is coming, so run fast!"

Chastity - from Madonna-speak, meaning "Like a virgin".

Chelsea - means Pechanga in Indian.

Cheng - defined as "shaved scrotum" in ancient Chinese.

Chip - pet form of potato.

Chris - Cross

Christine - means "pristine" in rhyming dictionary-speak.

Chuck - means, "to throw".

Cindy - from the Algonquin word for "long nose hairs".

Clancy - fancy pants word for "neck boils".

Clara - knock knock. Who's there? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Clark - superlative meaning "Duke of Kent".

Claude - from the Catinese for "Scratch".

Clay - from the Cassius word for "Heavyweight Champion of the World".

Cleopatra - defined as "vixen, wench or tasty morsel".

Clifton - the same as "stay away from the edge".

Clint - from Westwood to Eastwood, this word means "money".

Clinton - defined as "Monica's friend".

Clyde - friend of Bonnie.

Coco - mean "Cuckoo for".

Colby - from the Irish word for "Who cut the cheese?"

Cole - bituminous.

Colombo - means "pet detective" in Argentinean.

Conner - one who cons.

Connie - one who is being conned.

Constance - from the Constantinople word for "boring".

Cooper - one who chases chickens.

Cornell - rank above a captain.

Craig - meaning "to have a list".

Crawford - derived from "Crayfish headgear".

Curtis - from the Manitoban word for "skunk monkey".

Cybill - "one who can spin one's head".

Cyril - presumed to be from the Aegean word for "smelly armpit".

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